Board of Directors

Meet Our Board of Directors

Dan Horvath, Chairman Emeritus

Dan Horvath was a founding member of Sheridan Carroll Charitable Works Group.  Dan served as President for 23 years, before choosing to step aside in 2007 and taking on the title of Chairman Emeritus.  Dan grew up in Melrose Park, and he is the proprietor of Ted’s Auto Body in Maywood.  He is also the father of 4, and a grandfather to 5.

Ben Ponzio, President

Ben Ponzio joined the Sheridan Carroll Charitable Works Group in 1993, when he was 18 years old.  He was following in his late father’s footsteps, as his father was a founding board member of Sheridan Carroll.  Ben officially became a board member in 2002, and took over as President in 2007.  Ben grew up and still lives in Elmwood Park.  He has one daughter, and he works as General Sales Manager at B96 Radio in Chicago.

Emilio Scalzitti, Vice President, Charity

Emilio Scalzitti serves as Vice President of Charitable Operations for Sheridan Carroll, and on most days you can find him at the pantry stocking shelves, passing out food, or coordinating food deliveries from the Chicago Food Depository, Feed the Children, etc.  Emilio spends his free time at the Food Pantry, making sure that others are able to eat.  He is also heavily involved in several other charitable and community organizations.

Joe Casale, Vice President, Facilities

Joe Casale serves as Vice President of Facilities for the Sheridan Carroll Charitable Works Group.  Joe works as a firefighter in Melrose Park, but on his off days he is at 2015 N. Harlem fixing a leak in the roof or building a new shelf for our pantry.  Joe is also involved in all of the charitable operations, as is his father Robert – and you can often find both of them passing out food baskets on a Monday afternoon.

Anthony Spina

Anthony Spina is a founding member of the Sheridan Carroll Charitable Works Group.  Anthony was one of the original board members, and has now served for over 27 years.  He has made charity a family business, as his son and one of his son-in-laws are also board members of Sheridan Carroll.  Anthony is a founding partner of Spina, McGuire, and Okal – an Elmwood Park based law firm.

John Spina

John Spina has been a part of Sheridan Carroll almost since its inception.  John is an attorney at Spina, McGuire, and Okal and a prominent member of the Elmwood Park community.

Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald has been a member of Sheridan Carroll for many years, and a board member since 2004.  Mike works for the US Government, but he makes plenty of time to help out at Sheridan Carroll.  He raised his family in the area, and still lives here now that his kids are grown.

Tim Okal

Tim Okal has been a member of the Sheridan Carroll Charitable Works Group since its founding.  Tim is a partner at Spina, McGuire, & Okal, and he has lived in the area for over 30 years.  Tim enjoys working to help others along with his father-in-law and brother-in-law.

John Carrozza

John Carrozza is the youngest board member of the Sheridan Carroll board of directors.  He joined as a director in 2006, but he has been involved in Sheridan Carroll since he was young.  John grew up right near Sheridan Carroll, and his whole family has been supporting our pantry for many years.  John is an attorney at Carrozza Law in Elmwood Park, where he lives with his family.

Bill Funke, Treasurer

Bill has served as Sheridan Carroll’s Treasurer from the beginning.  He is an accountant at Price Waterhouse Coopers and he lives in Oak Park.  Bill not only handles our finances but is also one of the most active members in Sheridan Carroll.

Jim Horvath, Secretary and Fundraising Coordinator

Jim grew up in Sheridan Carroll, as his father Dan was the President for most of Jim’s life.  Over the last few years, Jim has taken on a big role in Sheridan Carroll, taking on the roles of Secretary and Fundraising Coordinator.  Jim runs our annual golf outing, keeps all the notes, coordinates the calendar, and still finds time to solicit donations and put together food baskets.